A grande, perk-packed
loyalty program

The only thing better than indulging in a Starbucks treat is being rewarded for it. When you download the app, you’re unlocking freebies, redeemable Stars, birthday perks, and queue-skipping powers. Simply scan, sip, and start earning Starbucks Rewards® today!

Start earning rewards

1. Order on the app

1. Order on the app

Enjoy speedier service with Mobile Order & Pay and drink your way with in-app customisations.

2. Earn Stars

2. Earn Stars

For every handcrafted beverage you buy with the Starbucks Rewards® app, you’ll earn one Star.

3. Enjoy rewards!

3. Enjoy rewards!

Hit nine stars and your 10th drink is on us! Opt in to emails to be the first to know about other offers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Starbucks Rewards®?

Starbucks Rewards® is our loyalty program, which rewards you based on your visits. The more times you buy your favourite beverages, the more rewards you’ll receive. There are also a number of other great benefits; including special welcome goodies and access to member exclusive offers. Simply scan, sip and start earning Stars today!

How do I join?

Sign up today in the Starbucks Rewards® app available on your smartphone. Or, if you already have a physical Starbucks Card, you can register in the app and transfer over your balance.

Does it cost to join?

No – it’s absolutely free.

How do I earn rewards?

For every handcrafted beverage you buy with your app or registered Starbucks Card, you’ll earn one Star. Once you hit nine stars, your 10th drink is on us! Keep an eye out for other amazing offers, which you’ll receive along the way.

Also, don’t forget to sign up to email so you receive all the latest Starbucks news and promotions straight to your inbox.

How do I find out how many Stars until my next reward?

You can easily see the number of Stars and available rewards using the app. If you have a physical Starbucks Card, we can also tell you the next time you pop in store – just ask one of our friendly baristas before you place an order!

How do I use the app?

Our new mobile app is super easy to use, allowing you to sip on your favourites faster. Only Starbucks® Rewards members can pay with their phone, and directly reload their balance online, using the Starbucks® Australia app.

Once you’ve signed up, simply go to ‘Card’. Here you can top up your card with balance or register a Starbucks Gift Card. You can also track your Stars and redeem your rewards, find stores, and see what’s new by navigating the main menu.

Want to place an mobile order? Simply hit ‘Order’, choose the store you’ll be visiting, and get started! You can customise your order as much as you like and choose to pay with loaded balance or a credit card.

Looking for your nearest Starbucks? Head to ‘Stores’ and we’ll show you the closest locations, their trading hours, and more. You can even select your favourite store!

Do my rewards expire?

Yes, depending on the type of reward or offer, you will have a strictly limited amount of time to use it. Here is a table showing some of the different types of rewards you’ll receive and how long they are valid for. You can also find the specific expiry date listed on the reward itself.


Reward Expiry
Birthday Reward By the end of the month when issued
10th Free Star Drink Within 12 months from the date issued
If I buy multiple beverages, will I earn multiple Stars?

Yes. For every handcrafted beverage you buy, you’ll receive the respective amount of Stars. For example, if you purchase 12 drinks at the one time, you’ll earn 1 x ’10th Free Drink’ reward and 2 x Stars. Please be mindful it may take a little while for your reward to appear.

I bought a bottle of water. Why didn't I earn a Star?

Stars are only eligible when you buy a handcrafted, barista-made beverage in store.

What if I don't receive my reward?

It can sometimes take up to 24 hours for your reward to be loaded into your account. If your reward still does not appear after this time or you are having troubles with your account, please contact us at customerservice@starbucks.com.au or phone 1800 787 289.

I can't register/access my account. What should I do?

Please contact us via email to customerservice@starbucks.com.au and provide us any relevant information we can help you with: your mobile number (used to log in to your account) or your 16-digit Starbucks Rewards member number are a great start. We’ll do our very best to help and have you sipping your way to Stars in no time.

I'm a registered member, but I need to change my details. What should I do?

You can update your details and your contact settings under ‘Personal Details’ in the user menu in your app.

Can I register a Starbucks Card from overseas?

Yes. If you already have an activated (non-registered) Starbucks Card with value on it from overseas, you will be able to join Starbucks Rewards® here in Australia.

Can I earn Stars rewards overseas?

No. While you can use the available balance on your Starbucks Card overseas where accepted, you will not earn Stars for your purchases. Unfortunately, you also won’t be able to redeem rewards at Starbucks stores outside of Australia.

Can I register a Starbucks Card that I will give to someone as a gift?

We recommend you let your loved one choose to decide if they wish to join Starbucks Rewards®. That way, they can select and use their own email address and password to sign up.

Can I register multiple Starbucks Cards to my account?

No. At this stage you can only link one Starbucks Card to an account. However, you can transfer the remaining balance from other multiple cards to the one primary registered account. To do this, contact our customer care team at customerservice@starbucks.com.au and provide us with your previous Starbucks Rewards number and new Starbucks Rewards Card.

Why is registration necessary to join the program?

Registration is necessary to join Starbucks® Rewards because you’ll need an email address to login. This will become your unique user ID for your account. Should you opt in to receive email notifications, we’ll also let you know when exciting new things are coming up that we think you might like.

What happens to my details when I register an account?

All personal information will be kept secure with us and will not be shared with any third party data collection agencies or other marketing or advertising programs. We only use your details to link your Starbucks Card number and your transactions with your Star rewards. Should you opt in, we may get in touch via your registered email to keep you informed of the latest Starbucks news, offers and events.

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