Whole Bean Coffee

Starbucks Single-Origin Colombia

Six thousand feet – straight up. Sounds extreme, we know. But high atop the majestic Andes, in a rugged landscape of simmering volcanoes, is where the finest coffee beans in Colombia like to grow. And just as there are no shortcuts through the dirt paths that crisscross the sheer slopes, we take none when it comes to nurturing these treasured cherries to gourmet perfection.

This Colombian marvel erupts on the palate with a juicy feel and robust flavours, a testament to the hearty riches of volcanic soils. Its remarkable finish, medium-bodied and dry with hints of walnut, lifts this superior coffee into a class of its own. One sip and you’ll agree it’s worth every step of the climb.

Colombia Coffee Profile
Roast Profile Medium
Flavour Medium
Processing Method Washed (Wet)
Acidity Medium
Body Medium
Tasting Notes Balanced & nutty
Complementary Flavours Milk Chocolate, Nuts

Available exclusively in Starbucks stores. Ask us to grind your beans for you!

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